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Jaime : "she went to the doctors why can't she come to work!!!!!!!?????"
Diary entry posted Fri 3:16pm 20 January 2012

I have worked at my job for 12 yrs. worked my way up from answering phones all the way to materials mgr at a good size mfg company. My job encompasses:
Inventory control of 5 million in inventory
All sourcing and purchasing
All scheduling for a 24/7 operation.

It's a big job, one I am proud to say I am good at. Maybe Too good because I was on the phone from my hospital bed and nonstop through the day. They also brought in help from the outside and put my boss back in my managerial role... I should be grateful, and I am because at least I am getting paid. But I am finding it very frustrating to do my job from this position, and still being made to feel bad about not being there.... The vp of ops seriously asked my boss how can she go to the doctor and not come to work.... It's a manufacturing facility, my office is on the second floor, I can't drive, I am on narcotics, my leg needs to be above my heart 24/7...... Makes me wonder why I have given up 12 yrs of my life for these people.... You know hr hasn't even sent the customary " get well soon" card.......

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 Fri 3:16pm 20 January 2012
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