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Comment : Re: Your fall & work
Posted by Jaime on Tue 11:05am 31 January 2012

Yeah work upsets me - but i guess i just need to keep things in perspective - even though i have worked there 12 years - its a job - they have no ties to me so i need to stop being so emotional about it. But anyhow, I have never done this before, having to heal from an injury, so i don't know whats right or wrong - gotta do what feels right for me, I love feeling needed, and work is a good outlet for that - can't imagine how i would feel if they weren't calling me!!

Ipad - yes it was tragic - amazingly throught the cracks it still works - hope to have the replacement soon!! I seriously don't know how we have lived without these all these years!!!

It was a bad fall - i still am having flashbacks of it, thankfully a lot of it i have actually forgotton - the amazing body heals all!!

How did you injure your leg? Guess i will be looking for your diary!

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 Tue 11:05am 31 January 2012
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