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 Re: Smelly cast. UPDATE
Garret (---.c3-0.nyw-ubr4.nyr-nyw.ny.cable.rcn)   2:10pm Jul 7 2004

I ended up getting the cast off at 7:45 this morning. As it turns out, I must have gotten water in the hard cast while I was showering. That combined with the the summer/muggy weather here and you can only imagine what was going on under the cast. Completely gross. All I know is that it feels amazing to have the cast off and feel fresh air on my skin. It would have been the right choice to get the waterproof cast cover. Hopefully I'll never have to make that purchase at this point.

So now I'm in the Darth Vader/motocross black boot for the next few weeks. Still using crutches and beginning rehab on Monday. Much stiffness and no weight bearing yet.

That shower though...where the water first hits your skin after 6 weeks in the cast...THAT is something that just can't be described with words...well, maybe.....Ahhhhhhh....oooohhhh.

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