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 I'm feeling sorry for myself
Mel from Kentucky    8:59am Mar 3 2020

4 weeks ago I broke the fibula in both legs from a fall while skiing. The right leg I knew as soon as I stood up and tried to walk that it was broken. The left one I complained to the orthopedic that it was extremely painful and she said I had strained my hamstring on the other side. I was placed in a walking boot on the right side and nothing on the left. The doc told me to not bear weight on the right leg for a week. My left leg continued to cause me great agony and I called the office more than a week later and asked nicely that she order some imaging of the left. an MRI of the left knee showed a fracture of the head of the fibula.
She is not treating the left fibula fracture. I was shocked.
I should add that I was born with only a right arm so crutches are a joke. I'm using a cane. this physician didnt even recommend any time off for me. I myself decided not to go back to work for a week which I still think was too early.
I have a husband and 5 kids but the kids are all grown except an 18 year old that is graduating high school in May.
this is week 4 and I havent cried or moped about it. tHe pain is better but still constant and worse after working all day. Fridays are the worst. Im just done. I'm so aggrevated and irritable. Today was my first day driving and that was out of necessity. I get in my car that my husband has been driving this whole time and the gas light was on. I just feel that that sums up the level of help and concern that I've gotten over this past month. I'm very sad and discouraged. And I know I'm feeling sorry for myself.

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 I'm feeling sorry for myself  new
Mel from Kentucky  8:59am Mar 3 2020
 Re: I'm feeling sorry for myself  new
KimfromMaine  7:29pm Mar 3 2020
 Re: I'm feeling sorry for myself  new
Megan_K  5:34am Mar 4 2020
 Re: I'm feeling sorry for myself  new
KimfromMaine  11:02am Mar 4 2020
 Re: I'm feeling sorry for myself  new
Annette T  9:29am Mar 5 2020

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24 May 2020