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 Re: Today’s been bad: long cast struggles and pain.
Annette T    2:10pm Jan 24 2020

Hi Davie,
I am so sorry to hear about your injuries and current struggles. I hope someone else on here can provide some helpful advice about the long leg cast as I was fortunate to only have had short leg casts. The only experience I have with a similar torture device was after I had my surgery (I broke my tibia and fibula and had a rod, plate and screw surgery and I also had to have my Achilles tendon lengthened) my doctor put me in a full leg knee immobilizer under which was literally layers upon layers of cotton and a huge splint. My leg felt like it weighed 100 pounds by itself. I could not bend my knee/leg at all for two weeks. It was a nightmare. I couldn't shower at all. I just laid in bed for 23.5 hours a day with my leg elevated very high- only getting up to use the bathroom. It was a dark time. After two weeks, I was luckily able to ditch the knee immobilizer and I was once again put in a short leg cast below the knee, but my doctor left my staples in my knee incision for another 3 weeks so I still wasn't able to bend my knee.

These types of injuries are just as mentally challenging as they are physical. My advice aside from the horrible cast, find lots of good distractions. TV, movies, books, puzzles, games on your phone. If you are able to work from home that's great. That's what I did. But I was off of the pain medicine 3 days after surgery. Eat a lot of protein and ask your doctor about supplements to take to help your bones heal. I was instructed by my doctor to drink two protein shakes a day.

When do you find out about surgery? I hope you don't have to wait too long. The fire feeling in your knee might be nerve pain. They might be able to prescribe you something to help with that burning feelings. Hang in there Davie. And vent on here all you want.

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 Today’s been bad: long cast struggles and pain.  new
Davie J  10:51am Jan 24 2020
 Re: Today’s been bad: long cast struggles and pain.  new
Annette T  2:10pm Jan 24 2020
 Re: Today’s been bad: long cast struggles and pain.  new
WB  8:46pm Jan 24 2020
 Re: Today’s been bad: long cast struggles and pain.  new
Marina  6:51pm Jan 25 2020

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