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 Re: Tibia and Fibula Spiral Fracture
Kasia    11:55am Dec 26 2017

Dear Morgan,

My sympathies. I know exactly what you have been through because in December 2016 I severly broke my tibia and fibiula. I will try to answer some of your questions.

Ad 1. I was told by my OS that leg might swell up to a year! Especially after a lot of walking. It all depends on ability of your body to heal, your lifestyle and physio. During injury like this there is a significant damage to soft tissues that casues problems with circulation of fluids (blood and lymph). That's why your leg swells up. Getting better circualtion is a key, excercisin and physio will help. I myself started riding a stationary bike very early and it was great for easing the swelling. When your leg occasionally swells up lift it and ice - it always help!

Ad 2. It is never too late to start physio!!! It is always the best to go for a visit or two to have a professional show you excercises you could do. But you might as well go to the gym by yourself and start doing leg excercises: leg press, regular squats, Bulgarian squats etc.. Start slowly, with minimum load and gradually add weight. 2-3 times a week will be enough. You are young and you should regain your strength quick. Remember not to overdo it and back away in case of pain.

Ad 4. I am afraid that numbness is a common complication of surgery. When surgeon cut your leg open he or she may damage skin nerves. Sometimes nerves regenerate (it takes several months) but usually numbness stays there forever... I am already a year after surgery and still have numb areas around surgical sites.

Ad 5. Scars will fade eventually but it also takes time. I had an open fracture and now I have a huge scar at my shin. It was very dark and easily visible from a distance for 7-8 months but slowly it has been getting lighter and less visible. Now, after 12 months I am comfortable going to a swimming pool because from a distance it is almost not noticeable for someone who doesn't know that I had an injury. There are laser treatments that might help but you have to consult a plastic surgeon. With fresh scars like this you have to avoid sun bathing and always use a sunblock when displaying scars to the sun (wearing shorts) for at least 12-18 months (this is a time for a skin to complete healing a wound with a bigger scar). Scar tissue is very delicate and get burnt easily making scars more visible.

I hope my experience will be helpful. Good luck!

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