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 Re: Tibia and Fibula Spiral Fracture
Lena2017    9:32am Dec 26 2017

Hi Morgan,

Been through a similar break - tib/fib spiral fracture of my right leg. It was around this time last year - Jan. 2017, so about 4 months more than you. I had surgery for a IM rod and screws. I get all the described issues you mentioned - but, the swelling has gone down except a little bit on the fibula side- that bone was not part of the surgery and was left to heal on its own and it heals slower than the tibula which is weight-bearing. I am seeing my surgeon on Jan. 15th to see the progress but there is always a bit of a bump on that side of my leg - which to me means that it's still healing. There are pangs of sharp pain (not stabbing or too painful) still but these get better with time. I am super sensitive about anyone bumping into my leg and I am very protective of it. I still have trouble going down the stairs and I do limp a little as I walk. I've been dismissed by physio even after I asked for an extra round (granted this was from a hospital so I didn't have to pay) because they said I could do my stretching exercises at home. They recommended I walk as much as possible and start using a gym. I am using an exercise bike at home and I try to walk more. I use vitamin e oil whenever I remember for the scar and St. John's wort oil (not sure about the effectiveness of the latter but I do it anyway). Oh, I do feel one of the screws on my knee- that's always very disheartening and a vivid reminder of the accident. I also have numbness on my knee and my toes do feel a little weird compared to my other toes. I was hoping that these would get better with time but I'm not sure how much better. I am a leg crosser but I can't do that for too long because I get scared that it might affect the leg. I also seem to get stiffness with the knee at times and it's very noticeable as I walk at times. I feel that nutrition affects that - so, I've been noticing that if I eat badly it feels stiffer than usual - that could be just me though. These are my experiences as a 41yo female. That may affect recovery as well...But, all in all I feel thankful to have all this behind me...I had lots of help which lessened the traumatic nature of this event significantly. Still, I am very aware that the anniversary is coming up and I'm experiencing some anxiety. That's why I'm back on this forum - which really did help me a lot at around the same time period that you are at right now....I hope your recovery goes well, Morgan. Wishing you all the best, Lena.

Jan 2017- tib/fib fracture from fall
Jan 3- surgery IM nail, screws
Jan 18 -2-week follow-up- staples out NWB, PT
Feb 15 - 6-week follow-up- callous forming, 50% WB allowed, PT
April 5 - 13-week follow up- bone healing well, can stand bootless

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