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 Don't go skiing!!!!!
Julie H.    11:05pm Nov 22 2017

Going skiing was such a terrible idea! It was only my second ever attempt at skiing but it's definitely my last. I'll spare you the details for now but getting my ski caught and going off course into a tree resulted in two very broken legs something I've never experienced and I hope I never do again! Even after living 32 years and giving birth to three children I've never had any pain like this. I had surgery right away and had rods and pins put in both legs. It's been almost a week now and I'm finally home but have a lot of mobility issues with both legs in bright pink (of course) fiberglass casts from my toes to my groin. I have to wear these casts and not put any weight on them for 6 weeks before I get removable boots and will be able to start walking with a walker or crutches (can't wait). So if I can get thru these 6 weeks in the casts I should be fine at least that's what I've got to tell myself. I guess I really need some tips I read thru some posts on here and there doesn't seem to be anybody else in double long leg casts that I could find but I'm hoping to get some advice on how to like move around get from my wheelchair to the couch to the bed, etc. and how to dress I can't really wear pants so I've just been covering up with a blanket but am too embarrassed to try going out in public like that. In fact I haven't been out in public at all it's so much work to move around and I don't want everybody staring at me. Also need some moral support. My husband and sister have been great. My sister comes over every day to take care of me and my kids (I'm a stay at home mom) and has been such a great help. Oh something else, my surgeon said there's a chance I might have some limping issues the rest of my life and might have to use a walker or a cane that's a scary thought for me but I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Thank you for reading!

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 Don't go skiing!!!!!  new
Julie H.  11:05pm Nov 22 2017
 Re: Don't go skiing!!!!!  new
Alybrokeherleg  12:08am Nov 23 2017
 Re: Don't go skiing!!!!!  new
Harry Sutton  1:55am Nov 23 2017
 Re: Don't go skiing!!!!!  new
Kate B  1:23pm Nov 26 2017
 Re: Don't go skiing!!!!!  new
Sarahwhiteleg  4:24pm Nov 26 2017
 Re: Don't go skiing!!!!!  new
Signe  11:56am Dec 3 2017

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