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 Fracture clinic visit-leg put in complete full leg cast
Harry Sutton    2:56pm Nov 8 2017

Another eventful day in my broken leg journey to date:
I had a lot of pain in my leg last night and so contacted the fracture clinic this morning and they asked me to go there between the morning and afternoon clinic sessions.
They immediately xrayed my leg and it showed the breaks had shifted out of position in the back slab cast I had put on last Sunday
The swelling had - oddly - subsided so the doctor told me I could get my leg put in the first permanent cast, Iíll write about his prognosis later.
I donít remember much about getting the cast on - they gave me medazolam in my arm so I was quite spaced out. I felt them tug on my foot to pulll the bones back into place and vaguely remember seeing my leg held in the air and them wrapping it in plaster.
The cast is made of layers of plaster of Paris and finished with a layer of red fibreglass cast material.
It goes from my toes to my crotch and my knee is bent a lot in it.
It makes using crutches hard.
As does itís size and weight.

If all goes to plan the consultants prognosis is that my breaks - spiral fracture of both tibia and fibula In my shin - will heal without an operation.
This is good news but -
He estimates that I will be in a full leg cast for 12 weeks minimum maybe longer
I then get a shorter cast for a month and them graduate to a walking boot to begin weight bearing again
Followed by a lot of Physiotherapy

The thought of being stuck in a cast for a few months is depressing me but the flip side is no operation so I guess itís worth it?

I go back in 2 weeks for a check X Ray.

Fractured Tibia and Fibula 2nd Nov 17.

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 Fracture clinic visit-leg put in complete full leg cast  new
Harry Sutton  2:56pm Nov 8 2017
 Re: Fracture clinic visit-leg put in complete full leg cast  new
dcb  3:13pm Nov 8 2017
 Re: Fracture clinic visit-leg put in complete full leg cast  new
Sarahwhiteleg  4:02pm Nov 10 2017

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