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 ? about compression stocking
Jen Graylands    5:41pm Apr 29 2011

Well, I got my first ever compression stocking today.... and I never thought I would say this, but I LOVE IT! My ankle feels so much better today, it's unreal!

A little back story, for those who aren't sure they want to wear one - I went to a dinner for work on Weds night - It lasted about 2.5 hours, plus about an hour total for driving (I drove myself), and no good way to put my leg up, so it was down for a lot of the time. I elevated my leg when I got home, and slept with it elevated, but during the night I was woken up with sharp pains in my shin (nowhere near my broken bone) sort of like someone was poking a knife in my leg. The next day I had a busy day at work, and had no choice but to go into the office - I tried to elevate as much as I could, but couldn't seem to find a comfortable place and kept feeling that "knife" feeling as well. I was starting to get really worried. I had physio in the afternoon, and when she walking in and looked at my leg she said "oh my! That is the most swollen I have ever seen you!" I explained my past 2 days and how I was feeling, and she immediately wrote a prescription for a compression stocking. She felt my leg, and said nothing felt off or different, and I was walking (75%!) fine, and she said the swelling must be causing a muscle or ligament attachment to pull or strain. I thought, "huh." But I stopped on the way into work this morning, got fitted and got my stocking - and my leg felt fine all day! It feels more supported and stable, and I have more flexibility now than I usually have at the end of the day.

My question is this - I forgot to ask her how much to wear it. Do I put it on in the morning and take it off at night? Or should I take it off if I'm resting with my leg up and put it back on if I'm going to be up and about? I'm really just hoping I can contort myself enough to get it back on!

2/27/11 - broken fibula (left ankle) and dislocated talus, torn ligaments 2/29/11 - ORIF - plate held w/?# of screws, pin between fibula & tibia
3/9/11 - backslab off, staples out, told NWB 5 more weeks. No cast! 4/20/11 started PWB

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 ? about compression stocking  new
Jen Graylands  5:41pm Apr 29 2011
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TDH  7:08pm Apr 29 2011
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Beril  11:47pm Apr 29 2011
 Re: ? about compression stocking  new
Chris S. of CA.  3:05am Apr 30 2011
 Re: ? about compression stocking  new
Jen Graylands  10:53am Apr 30 2011
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Jen Graylands  12:13pm May 1 2011
 Re: HELP! Washing it?  new
TDH  4:15pm May 1 2011

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