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 Re: broken bones/movies
Terri Tufts (---.ncwcom.com)   9:31am Jul 12 2009

Isn't it funny!
When I was NWB there were sooo many movies with people with broken legs on TV. There was a movie that had a woman who broke her leg skiing and was now at home in traction. She had to run around and kill some guy who was chasing her! Yeah ok right!!!! It's everywhere.
Even in the movie Twilight chick breaks her leg has surgery and goes to Prom in a few weeks FWB in a darth with no problems!! No wonder everybody thinks we should heal faster with this type of injury!!
I hope your DD is doing OK and that you are holding up as well! What a year, whew!
So what is the prognosis with her uneven leg and hip alignment?
Take care

FEB 15th Spiral Tibia FX/Intact Fibula(skiing). No surgery 9.5 wks in FLC. APRIL 22nd Short cast.
MAY 14th 12.5 wks Bone growth and PWB
JUNE 11th16.5 wks walking cast FWB!
JULY 9th 20.5 wks Aircast when out &PT!
Aug 4th 24 wks RELEASED!

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