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 Recovery time after hardware removal?
Ryan MacLeod (---.eastlink.ca)   10:41am Nov 22 2008

Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone else had any experience with a similar situation?

In 2003 I fractured my left fibula after rolling my ankle on ice. During the initial surgery I had a metal plate and 6 screws installed. Although I've since made a full recovery and was not experiencing any pain from my ankle I did decide to have the hardware removed. My reasoning for this was due to an improperly healed incision that was being put under pressure and stretched very tight by the metal plate below. It was to the point where the slightest knock against the plate/incision area would cause the incision to almost re-open and would take a very long time to heal.

On the recommendation of two ortho surgeons (my own doctor, the other a family member) I decided to have the hardware removed to relieve pressure on the incision area. My surgery took place last Thursday, 20th of November, 2008 and all went well. As it was a day surgery I have been out since then and the doctor and nurses advised that I put weight on it right away and should have no problems.

As soon as I returned home I noticed my shoe was soaked with blood, having come through the bandages but I was in no real pain. I changed the bandages and noticed that the swelling was immense. Every stitch in the incision seemed to be strained to the limit. It is now two days later and after keeping my ankle, iced, elevated and taking anti-inflammatories it has seemed to have stopped bleeding as the swelling has gone down quite a bit.

Now my actual question is, how long did it take others to make a full recovery and back to playing sports after having hardware removed from their fibula? My doctor suggested "a couple of weeks" but seemed quite vague on it as he didn't really ask if these were contact sports or anything like that. I think for myself I won't return to full on sports until at least after the New Year but we shall see how it goes. Anyone comment on how long their recovery time was after hardware removal from their fibula?

Thanks everyone!

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 Recovery time after hardware removal?  new
Ryan MacLeod  10:41am Nov 22 2008
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Andrea R  11:39am Nov 22 2008
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Ryan MacLeod  12:38pm Nov 22 2008
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orwhatuwill  9:53am May 25 2015

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