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Healing: Starting To Walk

It truly does depend on the fracture, the treatment, the youth of the patient, the progress seen on Xray and the orthopaedic surgeon's training and opinion. The short answer for me, is when your xrays shows bridging callus. If the fracture is stable, supported by something like internal fixation, a cast or a brace, and you are a responsible person who understands the risks of premature activities, then I allow partial weight bearing on crutches at 6 weeks IF there is bridging callus. Patients may then progress to increased weight bearing usually under the superivision of a physiotherapist.

Please check the glossary for further information on bridging callus, stable and unstable fracture patterns etc. Please also note that this reply is hedged about with ifs and buts. It does not apply to your personal situation but to the generality that I see in my practice. There is a lot of differences between orthopaedic surgeons so the best person to answer the question with direct relevance to you is your own OS.

Myles Clough MD

From: Cecily

What is the average time after ORIF that an OS recommends starting to walk on an injured leg? Can walking on the injured leg too soon cause more problems? Thanks =)

From: mags

My broken femur at the neck healed at the upper part and not the lower. My OS allowed weight bearing, thereby putting pressure towards total healing. To begin PT on 02/13.

From: Dave

well ive finnally been allowed a weight bearing plaster but can anyone answer me this

ive been in plaster for 18 weeks now
is that some sort of recdord

From: Alaine

I cracked my pelvic bone in one place. It\'s been 3 days. The first day, I couldn\'t put ANY weight on my right leg. Now I can walk around w/out crutches painlessly. It is still uncomfortable, but not painful. Am I allowed to walk? My job requires me to walk. I am a cocktail waitress, and NEED to work. IT\'s a hairline fracture, and the bone is not separated. What do you suggest I do?

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 31 May 2020
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