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Casts: Walking cast?

There is not much difference between walking casts and non-walking ones. I alos usually use the "slipper" so that you can take it off at night and avoind dirtying the bedclothes. See my previous answer about walking casts. Myles Clough MD Jan 28th 2002
From: Cecily

My OS only has me in a below the knee fiberglass cast with a thin "slipper" that attaches with velcro straps...he calls this a walking cast. So the bulky, black, plastic Darth Vader kind is really a walking cast? Do I have this slipper thing on my fiberglass cast instead, because of my insurance or because of the (ORIF bi-malleolar) fracture?? Thanks. =)

From: cathie

That's what I had, too, as a "walking cast" -- it was the same cast as when I was non-weight-bearing but with the slipper (called cast boot) to protect it from dirt. I'm in Canada, so cost isn't a factor. The alternative which I saw other people using was a cast with a built-up heel wedge. Personally, I preferred the boot. The black things I have also seen people using are, I think, different types of braces or splints.

From: Cheryl

I'm at six weeks and got my cast off and was put into what they called an air cast. I don't know if these things are new or not but it's heaven!

 All it consists of is two moulded strips of plastic that go down each side of my leg from just below the knee down..these are joined by a strip under my foot...and then there are velcro straps that go around to hold it on..and it has these custom inflated air pillows inside down the length on either side for support.

 It came with "socks" that go well above the knee and can be folded down over the top. I can easily wear my own sneakers with this thing although I'm not weight bearing yet. It goes on and off easily for bathing and wieghs next to nothing and frees up my ankle so I can work on my range of motion.

I live in Canada and although most things are covered by our provincial healthcare this thing wasn't...thank heaven for work benefits..I've seen other "walking casts" and I think this air cast is going to be big....

From: Jamie

Two weeks into my \"Healing process\" I was put into a walking cast - also the slipper thing. Actually it looks more like a blue sandal, I kinda like it. I onyl have three more weeks left, so I\'m happy and it\'s been great. so far I can put 50% of my body weight on it and soon I\'ll be walkign on it without crutches. Happy healing

From: gail

Ok how do you master walking in a walking cast. I\'m still using my crutches as i can\'t seem to coordinate walking properly. Any helpful hints would be great.

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