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General: List of fractures

I sent an email in answer to this request saying that there are too many different types of fracture to list easily. I also sent her the URL of Wheeless Textbook of Orthopaedics Fracture Index which is the closest thing to a list I could find.

Myles Clough MD 28th Jan 2002

From: noelle low

can you give me a list of types of fractures, how they are caused, what they look like for my son's school fracture project

From: Elle'

for a comminuted heel fx ..
check www.ratzilla.com/stelerhawk/gallery.htm
I have a group of xrays listed on the right of the page.
The second and third ones were right after the wreck in 88.

mine was caused by a wheel that was shoved back into the floor
board of my car when struck head on by the drunk.

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