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Healing: After the casts are off

This question is unanswerable. Return to sports activity is determined by how well healed your bone is and how well you have rehabilitated, not when your cast comes off.

How well the bone has healed is to do with the fracture, your age and health, the treatment etc. I usually say one month after the fracture has consolidated for contact sports - to allow patients to get back into condition before competing. Swimming as soon as the bone is healed; exercise biking when your therapist thinks it would be useful. Jogging quite early. Distance running quite late. This is a question you should take up with the OS and PT who know your case.

Myles Clough
From: Paul

after the casts are off how long until you can start sports and running again?

From: amenia

How long untill i can go back to cheer leading. I\'ve had 3 weeks in fiberglass cast and 1 in walking cast. (I can walk with out my crutches already) There is 2 more weeks of the walking cast left. Tips?

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 31 May 2020
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