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General: Links to information on fracture healing and treatment

Links for Fracture treatment in general

From: Debbie

Dr. Clough,
After reading the general info. on fracture healing- one section states that IM nail removal should not be performed til after 12 months post surgery. Is this due to the distruption of the endosteal blood supply again or other healing factors in the leg itself? Would this be dangerous to consider removal say 6-9 months post? Thanks

From: Myles Clough

The usual advice is to wait for 12 months. This is
a) because the fracture takes about that long to consolidate and gain 90% of its eventual strength.
b) because many of the other painful symptoms settle down within that period and you can identify which of the symptoms are due to the rod. Sometimes everything settles down and you decide you don't want the rod removed. If you had decided at 6 months you might very well have opted for a procedure which may have been unnecessary.
I do not think that the blood supply of the bone is badly and permanently disrupted by taking out the rod, but I admit I haven't read any research on that subject.

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 31 May 2020
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