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Hardware: What is a Richards Nail?

A Richards Sliding Nail Plate Implant is used to fix fractures at the proximal end of the femur. A large threaded lag screw is passed up into the head of the femur (the round top end). The side plate is a metal plate a short barrel set at 135 to the plate - roughly equivalent to the angle between the shaft and neck of the femur. The barrel is slid over the screw and the main part of the plate is fixed to the shaft of the femur with screws. If the fracture is a simple one as in the illustration only 4 screws are needed. However, if the fracture is multifragmentary and extends down the femur a longer plate with more screws is needed. I think the original Richards nail is now called the AMBI nail and is manufactured by Smith and Nephew.

richards.gif (3224 bytes)

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 24 May 2020
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