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Casts: Walking casts

If you look through some of the diary pages on this site you may find links to pictures of some people's casts. A walking cast is like a rigid boot and goes from the toes to just below th knee. It is often reinforced under the foot so you can walk on it. How long it is on depends on the state of healing of the fracture. One thing to remember about a walking cast is that it does not divert weight away from or around the fracture. If you have a fracture of the shin or ankle and walk on that leg the forces will go through the fracture site whether you have a cast on or not. If the fracture has healed to the point of bridging callus this force is a good thing and stimulates further bone healing and consolidation. The function of the cast is to prevent refracture and hold the bone straight. Myles Clough MD 22 Jan 2002
From: Paul

what is a walking cast like?

right now i have a cast from my upper knee down to my ankle and next week i get a walking cast on what's it like?

how long is it on for?

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 31 May 2020
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