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Hardware: Cast after hardware removal?

The only type of cast which would protect a femur after removal of hardware is a hip spica body cast which goes from waist to ankle. Believe me you do NOT want one of those. Fortunately you don't need one either. The bone is not significantly weakened by taking out an intramedullary rod and the risk of refracture is small for 90 days and equal to the uninjured side after that. Most OS ask you to avoid contact sports and other activities with a high injury risk for 2-3 months after harware removal. There isn't much evidence that this is necessary or effective but it seems reasonable. The risk is more significant after taking out plates as there is good evidence to show that the bone under a plate is weaker than normal. Even so the refracture rate is about 1:20 Myles Clough MD 20 Jan 2002
From: Laura

I broke my femur and am now having hardware removal. I was wondering if you would need a cast or something for support of the femur. Wouldn't it be less likely to re-brake it then?

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