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Exercises: Physical Therapy

The appropriate range of motion exercises depend tremendously on the part injured, the nature of the injury, how well healed the fracture is etc. So , no, I don't feel comfortable making a general comment which might be taken specifically. Physiotherapists are highly skilled professionals and I defer to their expertise. The patient, the PT and I agree on the diagnosis, the situation and the goals, then I let them go to it. I will collect exercise descriptions that have been sent in by broken leggers and post them here
From: Lynda Butek

Dr. Clough, do you feel comfortable about commenting on rom exercises for those poor people who don't get a pt referral? This has come up several times and several of us have offered information on the exercises we have been given. I think this would be helpful but if you aren't comfortable with that, perhaps a licensed pt (I have a good one) could give us some advice.

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 24 May 2020
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