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Pain: What are adhesions and why are they sore?

Injured, bruised and swollen tissue will form scar tissue as it heals. This scar tissue will bind structures like tendons and ligaments together into one mass. To get the tendons, joints and ligaments moving again requires stretching of the adherent mass and this is painful and difficult. This is by far the commonest painful complication of a broken leg.
If the joints have been immobilized for a time in a cast or splint adhesions (scar tissue between muscles and ligaments) may form. Stretching this tissue to recover normal function of the limb is one of the commonest reasons for recurring pain.

From: maritza

Do these adhesions go away with foot exercises?
I find it hard to go down steps. Is this because of the
adhesions? I also can not walk fast (ankle fracture about 2 months ago) When does \"normal\" or close to normal resume?

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 31 May 2020
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