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Hardware: What to do if a new surgeon is planning to take out hardware.

For anyone who is thinking about getting hardware taken out by a surgeon different from the one who put it in, make sure you can provide an operation report or a copy of the hospital Operating Room chart from the first operation. You don't have to have a personal copy but you should be able to say this is the hospital, this was the date, here is a signed release so that the new OS can obtain the records. The instruments to take the rod out are different from one manufacturer to another. Even the threads are different sizes so one manufacturer's extraction device will not screw into another supplier's IM rod. Most implants have a little sticker on the package with exact details of what was put in. At the time of the first operation, the nurses stick the sticker into the chart so there is an exact record independant of the report dictated by the OS. That is what your new OS will need.

Myles Clough MD OS Jan 11 2002

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