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Medications: glucosamine and chondroitin

One of the best answers to this question is found on the site of Dr David Nelson, a San Francisco Hand Surgeon. I agree with what he says on his page.

Many of my patients describe relief of pain from using Glucosamine/Chondroitin and I think it is reasonable to use it as a pain reliver or anti-inflammatory medication. However, there is no scientific evidence to support the idea that it promote regrowth of joint surface in humans. I would not advise you to waste money buying the preparation for that purpose.

From: Maureen

Do these help as the directions say to take 3 a day i am somewhat leary please advise as soon as possible thank you

From: Douglas

The latest thing is Deer Antler preperation. Apparently the active ingredient has been identified as a gene which is switched on in antler cartilage. This gene makes the cartilage grow and forms the antler.

Apparently humans have the above gene switched on in the fetus. From what I read a medication may be available within two years time (adding clinical trials that probably means 7 years!).

You can buy deer antler preperations from health food stores but I don't know if they work or not.

My girlfriend who is a Nurse also says that to get the gene into the cartilage it needs to be attached to a virus. However Deer Antler has been used in Chinese medicine for many centuries and has reportedly positive effects and not just placebo.

PS I am an Engineer not a Doctor/Chemist. 23 Feb 2003

From: Douglas

It is 12 April today. I tried the Deer Antler preparation from the Health Food shop. It made no difference at all, so save your money!

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