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General: Can I drive with a cast on?

My standard answer is political more than it is medical.

If you are in a motor vehicle accident and climb out of the wreck with a cast on or fish aound for your crutches they will never believe the accident was not your fault and that your ability to control the vehicle was not compromised to some degree. Even if the accident was certainly not your fault you will start off handicapped in the argument. The real kicker, in Canada at any rate, is that if it is decided that your ability to drive was impaired then your insurance is automatically voided and you are financially responsible for all the costs, including the costs of the other people involved in the accident. Insurance corporations are not benevolent institutions.

By the time I have explained all this to my patients they usually realize that it is simpler not to drive. If you must, then ask your OS if he/she would go to court for you in the event of an accident and testify that your ability to drive was not impaired. If he/she hedges on that question you know where you are - on your own with no support in the event of an accident.

Testing how well you can weight bear for the first time when you slam on the brakes is a real issue. You DON'T want an excruciating pain in the middle of a driving crisis.
Myles Clough MD OS

From: Adam Daube

After breaking my right ankle (two screws), my doctor advised me under no circumstance should I attempt to drive. The only way he could see me doing so would be with my left foot in an automatic.

Of course, I have a standard transmission and live 40 miles away from where I work. Driving with the plaster cast wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The walking cast has been even better.

Just be careful.

From: G.M. Hauer

I had a spiral fracture of tib/fib near my ankle in my right leg. I have since become an awesome left-footed driver (with an automatic transmission). It will take some practice in a no-traffic area first though. Be extra careful the last thing you need is an accident!

From: Jen

I broke my right about a month ago and have a plaster cast on.I have become a great left footed driver. I just put my right leg over the center of the car and drive with only my left foot. Its not really that bad after awhile. Thank goodness i have an automatic:)

From: mark

Im guessing that breakin your right is actually better...if you can drape it over the hump in the middle...the left sits on the floor when broken,,,and is always jarred by bumps...not fun

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 31 May 2020
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