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Annie : One Small Step in Front of the Other
Diary entry posted Tue 4:32pm 17 May 2005

April 17

"Be not afraid of moving slowly,
Be only afraid of standing still"
Chinese Proverb

It struck me as I was taking one small step in front of the other up my dirt road to the top of my "hill" this morning, that in many ways that was a metaphor for my recovery from this break. I guess in some ways, it is a metaphor for how we move through life. It is about moving forward one step at a time, no matter how small the steps may seem. At times we might move forward three steps only to "fall" back two, but we are still moving forward.

At the beginning of this break I was barely moving at all, first in a wheel chair, then on crutches hopping steps, and then on a walker again hopping tiny little steps. Then I took my first steps on my own, and slowly but surely, those steps became more secure and stronger. I have progressed from a tiny little walk down the street, to slowy making my way up my "hill", one small step at a time.

I think we all on this broken leg journey have been forced to learn patience, and at times that has been a huge challenge. That is like learning to accept each small step and realize that no matter how small, it is still progress. The good news is that we do progress, and at some point, despite our impatience, realize we are better than the day before, the week before, and certainly the month before. And that progress came, one small step in front of the other ...

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 Tue 4:32pm 17 May 2005
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