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Comment : Re: Re: PT Boot Camp??? Walking Down Stairs
Posted by Annie on Sun 1:58pm 8 May 2005

Hi there!

Ok, walking down stairs is really hard. I kind of waddle more than walk depending on how relaxed my foot is. If it is really relaxed, I can walk down fairly well; if it's tight, I kind of waddle. It's not too pretty, but it is coming along. Yeah, my PT keeps me entertained to say the least. He's always whipping off his shoes, trying something new, and then it it seems like something that he thinks will benefit me, having me try it. I like that he is so innovative with me. He's a very athletic guy and understands I want to be able to do the things I have always loved. I just need to get him to throttle down his enthusiasm just a bit! Happy Mother's Day to you too!!! Annie

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 Sun 1:58pm 8 May 2005
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