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Comment : Re: PT Boot Camp???
Posted by Annie on Sun 8:48am 8 May 2005

Hi Robbyn!

Yeah, that PT session was a bit over the top. I told my therapist at the very beginning a month ago I wanted to return to my former very athletic state, but I'm kind of thinking he might want to slow down the process just a bit. That session was exhausting! Remember, I did not start off with sessions that extreme; at first I was just getting the foot massage and practicing how to walk, with a little practice on the BAPS board and a few leg presses. Oh, to be back there! I guess I have to remind myself what the ultimate goal is and some of the best things in life take a lot of work to achieve. Argh!

I did not take my doggies on my "big" hike and I am so glad I did not. First my friend had her dog and my two would have just been overly friendly, and second when I was trying to maneuver my way back down I just know they would have knocked me over. Going down anything (stairs, hills, etc) right now is such a challenge. I'll stick to taking the dogs out on the flat ground. Oh, it has finally made it to the mid 60's here on most days, which after so much snow feels toasty warm! It's really pretty now.

That is SO cool about how far along you are in your addition. I can hardly wait until we get to the painting stage. We just got our preliminary drawings done; now it is over to the engineer for snow load calcs and finally for the permit. We figure we should be framing by middle of June. With summer fire season looming, the rest will resume when that settles down. I would love to have the project basically finished by the holidays.

Please don't get scared by my PT; it really has helped me more than I could even imagine. I just need to slow my guy down a bit. Let me know if and when you start and how progress goes. All the best to you! Annie

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 Sun 8:48am 8 May 2005
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