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Comment : I Got Tired Just Reading Your Post!
Posted by Bill_F on Sat 9:42pm 7 May 2005

Hi Annie,

I tried to picture you mowing the lawn as per your description, and it wasn't a pretty picture! But at least you were out there. My big attempt will be tomorrow, but I will be on a riding lawn mower. My poor wife will be the one weedwacking and grass blowing and weed pulling. I need to "summer-ize" all the equipment (battery charging, adding gas, etc.), which won't be too taxing, but I wish I could do everything, like I normally do. My poor wife-what a way to spend Mother's Day.

Sounds like you had a great walk. I know what you are talking about...since my Darth has been put into cold storage I have virtually watched every step I have taken, to not turn or twist my ankle so that I take major steps forward and not backward. Every step I take is slow and calculated. However, today my son and I took a 60 mile motorcycle ride that was wonderful. We got home and my ankle was a little sore, so I got into the chaise lounge on the patio with my feet on both sides on the ground and Annabelle jumped up for some lovin'. Then she jumped down RIGHT onto my ankle and twisted it right down to the ground! I am now icing a very swollen ankle and can hardly walk. It hurts like you wouldn't believe. Good ol' Anna, the 50 pound hairy cinderblock. I hope it's better in the morning.

Annie, I get tired just reading your PT reports! It sounds like you are training for the Tour de France! But I admire you like you wouldn't believe. I don't see how I could do that with two perfectly good legs!

Happy Mother's Day! Bill

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 Sat 9:42pm 7 May 2005
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