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Annie : Running Again
Diary entry posted Tue 12:03pm 28 February 2006

February 28

I thought I would take just a few minutes to update briefly. Since I am well past the initial broken leg recovery, and now two months post-HW removal surgery, this is mostly for those who are still interested to see the outcome from that. I can honestly say, I am thrilled with my decision to go forward with the removal surgery. It was not an easy decision, but has definitely been the correct one for me.

As soon as I was released at the 6 week period to run, on my treadmill NOT on trails, I started. It began with minutes and worked up to a lap, at a 1% incline which most clostly mimics being outside with the wind in your face, so to speak. In between, I would walk at about 3.5-3.7 mph and a 4-4.5% incline. The incline not only worked my aerobic capacity, but helped stretch my achilles. As of last week, 10 weeks post surgery, I had run my first mile. I did this by alternating the walk/run technique; walk a lap, run a lap, and so on. My foot really felt pretty good, no real pain to speak of and there was no tightness or pain where the HW had been. The morning after, my foot still felt good which was awesome. I am thrilled with how my foot is doing. Along with the run/walk, I have continued to add to my time on my road bike (which I have inside on a trainer - better than in the snow outside!) I am now doing about 25 minutes after I finish my run/walk. That also helps work my foot and is great to reinforce my ROM. Then I end with some upper body stuff to keep that going while I continue rehabbing the foot. All in all, things are progressing along and I am really pleased. I really feel like I will just keep adding to my running mileage and when I am finally released to trail-run in about a month, I will be ready. Yeah!

On a side note, a couple of things I have noticed after the surgery which are pleasant improvements. When the weather changes, I no longer have that deep bone ache. I am wondering if somehow the HW contributed to that. I also continue to notice gradual improvement in the freedom of movement in my ankle. I thought by now I would have basically felt it all, but it just continues to get better bit by bit. My ROM is basically back to pre-HW removal and then some, and I even feel more stable on my foot. It's like the HW was just slightly restricting full normal function of my foot. About the only thing I really deal with, is a slight bit of stiffness in the back of the ankle at times. It seems like a few steps or a bit of stretching, and it's gone. Maybe that's just what will remain after this break. Considering how traumatic an injury this was, I have no complaints.

So, at 11 weeks post-HW removal, and almost 14 months post-break, that's where I am. I hope this helps those of you wondering if a second surgery was really worth it. For me, the answer is YEP!!! Keep on healing!

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 Tue 12:03pm 28 February 2006
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