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Annie : I Walked My First Mile
Diary entry posted Sun 12:56pm 8 January 2006

January 8

Okay, for those of you interested in how I am doing after my HW removal, I thought I would do a quick update.

Yesterday, as my posting indicated, was my one year anniversary following my tri-malleolar fx. I was a bit surprised at my emotional response periodically throughout the day; I guess this adventure continues to evolve with time. It crossed my mind at times throughout the day, just how trying this break had been throughout last year. What a roller coaster ride, and not necessarily a fun one.

At 17 days post-HW removal, my incision sites are healing well. The steri-strips on my tibia have fallen off; the strips on my fibula are taking a bit longer. I suspect they will be gone by tomorrow. At that point, I am cleared to immerse my foot (like in a bath; I can shower now). I still have scabs on the sites, but they as well are slowly coming off. The sites themselves are becoming less sensitive, although rubbing and direct pressure is still uncomfortable. If I had one complaint (which is nothing compared to the last time), it is that when wearing my aircast, it is a constant battle to find the "sweet spot" that does not irritate the incision sites. It dawned on me that the last time I had to wear my aircast, it was 9 weeks post-break and I had been in my Darth boot that whole time and my incision sites were well-healed. This time, my incision sites are still fresh and trying to heal, so it is a bit of a challenge not to irritate them. The alternative (re-breaking my ankle) is simply not an option. On the funny side of things, the last time I had to wear the cast, spring was here and I was in shorts so I did not have to deal with pants being wide enough to fit around the cast, nor with socks being big enough around to fit around the cast. I have managed to rediscover some OLD slouch socks from the Flash Dance era that fit around the cast. It's pretty funny wearing them again after decades, but they work.

As for how I celebrated my one year anniversary, I went out for my first drive post-surgery (it is my right ankle after all). This time around, it was no big deal so my freedom is back. Yea! Then, I came home and decided to take a walk on my treadmill (too icy outside). My PT wants me to walk without the cast, really focusing again on stretching all the connective tissue and correct technique. I have not lost too much ROM this time around, although I can tell my Achilles has shortened even in just two weeks. I am not allowed ANY weight-bearing lateral movement or load for 6-8 weeks so I don't risk re-breaking anything; I can do my rotatonal exercises, sitting down, with the thera-band though. Well, a very slow but truly lovely one mile walk later, I felt pretty good. Life is returning at what seems like warp speed compared to the first rehab.

That's about it for now. There's lots (like 10+ feet) of snow on my beloved mountains and every day I still wake up feeling really blessed to live in such an inspiring place. When there is no ice (treacherous stuff you know), I will get outside and start my walking in the crisp, fresh, mountain air gazing up at those mountains. All the best to my MBL friends. Continued healing and the best life has to offer. Life is GOOD!

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 Sun 12:56pm 8 January 2006
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