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Comment : Happy One Year!
Posted by Robbyn on Sun 11:57am 8 January 2006


Happy one year! I liked your quotes--I may have to steal that idea when my one year arrives next month. Is has been an odd year, hasn't it? Have you experienced any strange sense of time with the BL experience?

There are certainly a lot of new tri-mals on the diary list. Wow!

How are you feeling with the hardware removal at 17 days

My screws come out Fri., Jan. 20, so I'll be updating my diary this week and next.

Are you on hold then with your house projects until spring? The rain in Reno sounded pretty bad if you ended up having to dig a ditch and trying to keep your leg protected.

I'm working like crazy in our basement going through all the boxes which were stuck in there when we moved. ALL the boxes...putting stuff to keep in nicer plastic bins, getting rid of the cardboard boxes, etc. I would have gotten this task accomplished last summer, however it seems I was not too mobile then! I got a lot put into nice bins while moving, but not everything unfortunately. Kids moved a bunch of stuff they should have tossed! Since David has the entire shop area, I will be creating a home office in the basement for myself, which is the motivation behind going through the boxes. Ah, a little space for myself.

Please let me know how things are going with the HW removal, and again, happy one year!!!! --Robbyn

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 Sun 11:57am 8 January 2006
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