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Comment : Thanks for the posting on my diary
Posted by Candice on Sat 10:32pm 7 January 2006

Hi Annie

Firstly thanks for visiting my diary and your healing wishes I really appreciated that and your support. Phew !!! you do have quite some diary here, thought I was never going to get to your original post. I have read bits and pieces and it sure does seem you went through quite a bit on your road to recovery, I just wish that this could be over for me too. Boy, it has been some experiance already and is something I don't want to go through again, I just can't believe how painful it is breaking your leg, how quickly things happen and how you can manage to break so many bones just falling down a few stairs. I am due to go in on Monday to get my proper hard cast on, till now have been in a paster splint because of all the swelling from the break and surgery so perhaps I'll learn a bit more then as to what lies ahead.

Anyway thanks again Annie and good luck and do stop by my diary again some time.

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 Sat 10:32pm 7 January 2006
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