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Comment : Re: Thanks and Welcome to the Site from a Tri-mal Pal
Posted by Annie on Tue 4:06pm 3 January 2006

Hi Dina!

I am so sorry to read that you just broke your leg last week. A tri-mal break can be pretty trying to deal with. I have been pretty "lucky" in that I healed without any real set-backs, and 9 weeks after my break I walked in to my OS appt without any aid. Still, the whole experience was traumatic in many ways, and I was SO glad I found this site. The people here are so helpful and supportive and can understand things you will go through that only people who are in a similar condition can. My husband was amazingly helpful and supportive, still, there were things he just could not understand. I could go to this site and ask questions of any type, or just feel like those I was sharing with really understood. Please feel free to ask me anything; I will be more than glad to help in any way I can. My neighbor across the street just ended up with a tri-mal of her left leg 4 months ago and I have been helping guide her through the perplexities of the break. You will more than likely experience pain in some pretty weird forms, and have questions about all kinds of stuff your OS will never mention. Please feel free to use me as a resource to maybe help alleviate some of your fears and uncertainty. By the way, which leg did you break, and how did you do it? When you feel up to it you might want to start your diary here so others can help cheer you on in your recovery. Take care Dina, I will be thinking of you on the 6th and hope your surgery goes well. You may very well wake up with similar HW (hardware) to what I had; the big screws in your tibia (the big shin bone) and a plate with some smaller screws on your fibula (your smaller outside bone). You might, depending on the type and severity of your break, end up with what is called a syndesmosis screw. I did not need one of those. Ask any and lots of questions to your OS, and if he/she doesn't like it (mine didn't mind at all) do it anyway. Remember, they are your "hired help"; they work FOR you. Ask, ask, ask, and jot things down if things are unfamiliar to you. You will have time to learn a lot about your break. Hang in there Dina!!! You/we will run again. All the best!!! Annie

  • Thanks - Dina Sun 1 Jan 2006
    • Re: Thanks and Welcome to the Site from a Tri-mal Pal - Annie Tue 3 Jan 2006

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 Tue 4:06pm 3 January 2006
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