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Annie : Week 37 and Still Counting ...
Diary entry posted Sun 2:12pm 25 September 2005

September 25

It's been awhile, so I thought I would take a minute to update again. I just got back from my hike/run up my other mountain trail that snakes up the mountain next to the creek. It was cool and really beautiful. This time, I decided to try taking my little boy Cody with me. He has not been up that trail. A lot of people take their dogs up with them, although the majority have their dogs off-lead so it can be a little "exciting" with your own dog, especially when yours is on-lead. Cody and I walked up the 2 miles and then ran pretty much the 2 miles back down. He did great so I think I will take him more often. On week-days there will be less people on the trail so it will be a bit easier. It was fun having him with me; he is so great on the trail.

I had a really fun thing take place this last Thursday. One of my MBL friends, Ann B, was in town for work and we had the opportunity to meet. On Thursday, she came out to the house with her doggie Sierra, and we took the hike part way up my mountain trail. We had time to do a lot of talking, and laughing, in some really beautiful country. How really fun it was to meet a MBL friend. I really enjoyed that.

Now, as for my ankle, here it is at 37 weeks and I am still "healing" I guess from this break. I can go for days with little discomfort, in fact at times, it feels pretty much normal. Then, out of the blue, it will be stiff and sore. When I have been sitting for a long time, I know it will be a bit stiff when I first stand on it. Those first few steps can be pretty entertaining. I still have to rotate and stretch it before I hop out of bed in the morning, and I also know better than to step out of the car and "land" on my bad foot. It just can't take that well. So, I turn a bit more and land on my left foot. I think perhaps that will be something that might just be permanent. I am able to run on my foot now. I have done it both on my treadmill and on the trail. My down-hill trail run is 2 miles so that is quite an accomplishment I am thrilled with. The trail is bumpy and not necessarily flat but I seem to do fine. I only walk over the creek crossings and where the trail is really rocky. The next thing I want to try is mountain biking the trail. That should be even easier on my foot.

I still have stiffness across the bones of my ankle, but I am pretty sure it is not an arthritis pain. It feels like soft tissue stiffness more than anything. I can still feel what I think is a tightness in the area of my HW and at times there is point specific pain. I have not yet made an appointment to see my OS to discuss my HW. I think I am enjoying my hikes and runs so much, and the lack of doctor's appointments, that I just haven't made the call. Still, I wonder if having the HW out would help my recovery even more. I am not looking forward to the prospect of another surgery, however. If these breaks take upwards of a year to 1 1/2 to fully recover, at 8 months I guess I still have a ways to go. Patience, patience, patience ...

On the remodel front, we have made it from the new engineer back to the final draft, and hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday will apply for our permit. We are really trying to beat winter now. No pressure there!

That's about it for me at 37 weeks and still counting. I often wonder just where I will end up with this break. At least there have been really nice improvements and I am able to do pretty much what I need to and want to. All the best continued recovery to all of you out in MBL land!

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 Sun 2:12pm 25 September 2005
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