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Annie : Happy to Help in Any Way
Diary entry posted Mon 5:36pm 22 August 2005

August 22

Hi everybody!

Today I finally got to visit my neighbor who just broke her leg. I was so pleased to see her smiling and actually doing well. The irony of her break and her being so close, is that she has ended up with exactly the same hardware as I have: two big screws on the tibia, and a plate and six screws on her fibula. It felt good to see her sister smile and say how much it helped to have seen my xrays with the same HW before the surgery; it helped take a lot of the unknown away and clarify things. I have told them of our little club (well not really, there's a lot of us out there), and mentioned the web site, so I am hoping my neighbor will take advantage of all the caring people and support to be found here. I know when I was just starting out, all of you were so supportive and helpful. I find myself feeling a responsibility almost to help her and answer her questions. It's like once you've been there you feel a desire to return the good karma that was extended to you. I only wish I had found this site much earlier in my break journey. Anyway, my neighbor looks great and has already been taken on an excursion to beautiful Lake Tahoe. For those of you who have never had the pleasure of seeing Tahoe, it is a high mountain, deep water lake high in the Sierras. It is truly a little jewel, and just about 20 minutes over the mountains from my house. Pretty cool, no pun intended. I'm so glad she is feeling up to such trips; they will be good for her. Anyway, hopefully she will join our club, you know, the one none of us set out to join!

On the lighter side of things, for those of you following my kitchen remodel saga, we got a call today from our new engineer who needs to do our snow load calcs, and he is working on our plans. After waiting for 2 1/2 months for the other engineer to do nothing, this is REALLY encouraging. We should have the calcs hopefully by the end of the week. Then we need to start the permitting process which should take another two weeks. We need to immediately order our trusses since with the building boom going on here that can take as much as two months to get them. My window order (I need the engineering calcs for that) may take the same amount of time. So, you can see we are really hoping we pull off the framing and roofing before the snow flies again. Anyway, we are finally seeing progress. Yea!!!

All the best to all of you. Keep healing and enjoying what is left of the lovely warm weather!

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 Mon 5:36pm 22 August 2005
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