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Comment : Stopped by to Say "Hello"
Posted by Robbyn on Sat 10:03am 13 August 2005

Hey there, Annie! You are at 7 months already and I will be posting my 6-month diary entry this week. Wow--seems amazing, doesn't it?

I think you're right in visiting your OS to ask about the HW if it's bothering you. My doctor told me Monday to give it a year or two (I don't think it's easy to take the rod out of the tib). You don't want to be miserable with it in there.

Hope your new contractor does a better job of getting calcs and other documents to you in a timely fashion. I feel like winter will be here before we know it because I haven't been able to enjoy this spring or summer, that's for sure! Seems like all I do is watch the seasons change from the 56 windows in this house............

Hang in there! I am very busy at work and don't have as much time to read through diaries. So, if my entries are sporadic, please don't take it personally.


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 Sat 10:03am 13 August 2005
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