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Annie : Summer Fire Season Begins
Diary entry posted Wed 10:23pm 22 June 2005

June 22

Hi everybody!

I thought I had better get another update done; thanks for all the posts, I really appreciate them. As for my current status, I have three more days left on the meds they put me on for which I am very thankful. Let's just say, it seems like I have this weird taste in my mouth, I am swallowing acidophilus like crazy to keep the flora in my intestinal tract from getting killed, and my innerds are bubbling and churning away. I will be glad when I am finished with the meds, but I will say, the pain from my "procedure" is gone. Yea!!! That is a really good thing. Once done with this little adventure, I will be back at my hike and outdoors in the fresh mountain air. I can hardly wait.

For those of you who have followed my diary, you know my husband is a Captain with the fire department here. He is also on two incident management teams that deal with wildland fires as a Fire Behavior Analyst, which means that he takes all the meteorological data, fire fuels data, etc, puts it in computer models, and basically tells the wildland firefighters what the fire will be doing. Yesterday, we had two brush fires break out by Carson City (the capitol of Nevada); one was put out quickly, the other is still burning and his team was called out to manage it. So, summer fire season has begun early this year.

Yesterday, my daughter left with my parents for a two week camping trip, so here I sit nursing my digestive system back to health by myself. Summer fire season is always a bit hard on me; not only do I miss my dear hubby horribly, but the chores of maintaining a home fall squarely on my shoulders. Usually that is not such a huge deal as I am a pretty "handy" person; this year because of the break, it could get interesting. I was really hoping that fire season would start a little later and give me a bit more time to heal. This year though, with the loads of snow we got (you know, the stuff I slipped on and broke my leg!) the cheat grass (a local weed that starts a lot of brush fires) and all the other weeds are thriving so all it takes is one carelessly tossed cigarette and we'll have a big fire.

As for the progress on my leg, of late it has been aching again after several days of virtually no swelling and basically no pain. I always wonder just what it was that I did that got it grumbling again because most often it is not clear to me. That is really frustrating because it means I have a really hard time figuring out what got it irritated again. Of course, knowing me, it wouldn't matter much anyway since I plan to just keep working it with the idea that eventually I will just work through the irritation. I will say again (for the umpteenth time) that I still wonder if that hardware doesn't keep irritating things. However, after my last little incident I am in no big hurry to run off to the hospital any time soon. So, I'm back to the "I'll just ignore it and maybe it will go away" frame of mind.

I want to say again, thanks so much for checking in on me. I really appreciate it. While my daughter is gone I have aspirations of redoing her bathroom, though I'm not sure how to do that without climbling up a ladder to paint her ceiling (which is 12 feet up), and there's quite a club on this site of victims of ladders. Hm... I'll have to think about that one. Do they make training wheels for ladders?

Thanks again everybody for your kind thoughts. Heh, my hubby just called and he is on his way home. Yea!!! A short fire. When things really get ripping he can fly away for 2-3 weeks at a shot. There are good aspects about snow; it doesn't burn! Take care, all the best to everybody and continued healing to all of you! Annie

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 Wed 10:23pm 22 June 2005
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