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Comment : Feeling better?
Posted by Ann_B on Tue 8:58am 21 June 2005

Annie: I could not believe your post about having to go back to the ER. The ironic part is that I saw my primary care doc last week to get referrals for: Bone Density (no big deal) and....Colonoscopy! At 53 I'm a bit "over due" for my first one, and I have to admit your story kind of freaked me out. I"m going to have to trust that it was a very rare occurance.

I was thinking of you last weekend when I walked up a (tiny) hill on a walking trail by the creek. (Davis is a bit topographically challenged after all) but what good way to stretch that ROM. (hills, I mean)
Also, I had my dog at a school and looked at the track and thought about your 3/4 mile walk you are doing. 1 lap around that track would be 1/4 mile...wow 3 laps seems like a VERY long way!

So, although you hit a bump in the road with the ER experience, I want you to know you are an inspiration to me. I go to Utah in 2 weeks for a meeting (Park City). I know I'll have a chance to do some uphill/downhill walking and I'm looking forward to the challenge.

On a totally unrelated note, I think you said the sun sensitivity was med related,and therefore temporary, but in case you don't know there are many clothing products that have SPF built in to them. (Solumbra is one company)

Hang in there and keep posting!

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 Tue 8:58am 21 June 2005
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