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Comment : Keep Pluggin'
Posted by Bill_F on Fri 12:00pm 17 June 2005

Hi Annie,

Glad to hear of your continued success. A few more weeks and it might be all over with. I did a lot of walking yesterday. I had to go to a meeting in another city and then to a ball game afterwards and my leg is snap-crackle-popping today. But I've learned to just take it in stride...it's a way of life for me now (for a while, anyway).

I know what you mean about having a new found respect for the handicapped. I expected people to treat me a lot differently when I hobble around with the cane, slowing things down. But I found the opposite. People hold doors open for me, smile at me, offer to help me. It's nice to know that there are still people out there like that in this wacky world we live in. But I found that it helps to smile back at them, and not expect to be treated like that, as I have seen some disabled people with real attitude problems. At Americade last week, in the stifling heat, the only shade and seating was up a steep grassy and sandy hill. I hiked up there with the cane and had a seat, but I was evidently visibly apprehensive about getting down the hill (rolling, sliding, falling, etc.). I was hanging onto my wife and a fellow biker asked me if I would like him to help me down the hill. Even us "hard core stereotypical bikers" wanted to help one another, which by the way is the rule rather than the exception.
They are, under all the leather and beards, great guys, and most likely doctors, lawyers and professionals of some sort, but that's another story for another day.

Glad you are well on your way to getting up to that snow on the mountain!!


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 Fri 12:00pm 17 June 2005
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