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Comment : yay! progress!
Posted by Liz_M on Sun 1:47pm 27 March 2005

Hi Annie,
It was great to read your diary and see all the progress your making. It's amazing that you can do all of that so soon, standing on the BL for 60 sec. wow! Gives me hope. I hope my leg isn't atrophied a lot after 4 months NWB...probably will be though?
How's your hubby recovering? It was great you had all the firemen there to keep you company and that you knew everyone in the ER and the OS. Sounds like you have a great support team. I bet it helps having a EMT background..I'm just going through this a little blind and scared...Life is weird, just trying to take care of myself and get a tetanus shot and it resulted in a broken leg. With the EMT training, do you have any advice for preventing fainting at needles and pain.... Maybe all I have to do is tell myself it's ok and not let my body freak out and go into shock and faint?
I love the scooting method on the stairs too. Don't think I will ever trust myself on crutches with stairs. Too risky. I am not a fan of the crutches either. I have been steady on the walker and think I will stick to it. It might look silly, a 27 year old on campus with a walker, but it's just for a little bit and its safe. It works much better carrying a backpack using a walker than trying to position the crutches and backpack straps and slip and fall...that happened to me once.
You're doing great, keep it up!

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 Sun 1:47pm 27 March 2005
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