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Comment : Gorgeous Gown!!!
Posted by Diana_W on Tue 7:30am 14 December 2004


The gown is stunning, beautiful, wonderful. I love it. Love the lace trim. Will you wear a similar veil? The veil the model has on is very simple and classy. You'll be a gorgeous bride. May 14 - you'll be dancing by then.

Avoid going back if you can play the OS and work off each other. That was my plan, and my OS was willing to keep me out of work until the new semester begins in January. He wanted me to recover before I fight the big city crowds. They're in the middle of final exams now at work, which is sheer madness. I'm glad I'm not there.

What is it like there? It's zero here. Sunny deceptive day, and it's an awful zero outside. The wind chill is minus something, ick. No snow or ice, but it's really cold. Gotta walk the dogs, so I'll put on multiple layers and take a walk soon. Wish I had a fenced yard.

Then exercise, then tackle the bathroom again. The door is almost painted. One or two more coats of semi-gloss should do the trick. Next is the ceiling. I got a roller with an extension in the handle so I can reach it and don't have to mess with a ladder. No ladders in my future. Finally picked out a very light seafoam green for the walls. I'll do those last. Then I get to go shopping for little decorative stuff like a glass, soap holder, and tissue holder. I was at Linens and Things this week, and they have gorgeous bathroom stuff! The bathroom has been a mess since the day before I broke my leg, and it's almost done. My dream master bathroom. I still haven't showered in it - later.


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 Tue 7:30am 14 December 2004
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