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Comment : Re: Re: Hi again
Posted by Diana_W on Mon 12:41pm 13 December 2004

Hi Annette,

Congrats on your wedding dress! Wonderful news.

I may be doing the stair exercise that you describe. I have to stand on a block of wood that is stair height. Step up, then back down, 15 reps. Then stand on the block and step off going forward, 15 reps. It's the stepping forward that kills me, but I'm getting better at it. I think we're talking about the same exercise. I used the foam thing way back when, but now I have the dancing bear balance piece of wood.

Good that you drove the stick shift. I've been driving mine since Thanksgiving, and it gets better every day. Since I broke the right ankle, it's the gas pedal and brake that cause a bit of pain. I haven't had to slam on the brakes yet (pray no). When I'm at a stop light, I leave the car in neutral and don't touch the clutch until the light changes. Try that. It's easier.

Enjoy Christmas! You know it's fun. Just stay inside. As you said on my diary, postpone going back to work if you can until the snow and ice disappear. I have to go back in January, when the weather truly sucks. In fact, I'm about to post the news on my diary. The OS turned me loose, but I'll continue PT until the end of the month. Hardware out next May.

Wow...I sure don't feel like I have a normal ankle. It's still semi-swollen and hurts. I want to stay home until April when everything melts. Totally paranoid about ice and snow and slipping.


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 Mon 12:41pm 13 December 2004
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