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Comment : Re: Hi again
Posted by Annette on Sun 7:37am 12 December 2004

Yep, I hate the rocker boards! Especially the circle-going clockwise! My least favorite, though, is standing on that semi-circle foam thingy and stretching my heel to the floor. OMG-talk about pain! I don't do the bike anymore-moved on to the treadmill-only using the bad foot. Practice, practice practice.

I drove my fiance's stick shift yesterday. Not so bad while driving around except for stop lights and waiting for traffic when you have to hold the clutch in.

Do you do the sideways stair excercise? Step up with one, then the other, down with one than the other-only you're going up and over the step thing sideways? Hard to balance.

gotta get ready for yet another family Christmas thing. Bah humbug! I hate the snow too! I'm semi-neurotic about slippery sufaces now.


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 Sun 7:37am 12 December 2004
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