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Comment : Re: Moving is a Pain!
Posted by Annette on Mon 12:58pm 6 December 2004

Mya ankle was so swollen!! I actually did go to the ER Sunday. That's when I found out I had a spiral FX on my tibia just abopve the ankle. That one is an OWIE!! The darn swelling was like memory foam-very weird. The nurse had never seen anything like it.

At least I fianlly got some answers on how things are healing (and some better pain dope to get me through the move). Darn darvocet was USELESS on those moving days.

Congrats on almost being done with school forever!! I've been helping Brad with some of his papers (shhhhh...it's a secret). I've gotten two A's so far!! He has to learn whatever I write about because he always has to do oral presentations. Poor guy hates getting up in front of people. He's about done with the bull classes and about to start his PT program. Yeah!!

Have a Very Merry Christmas!


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 Mon 12:58pm 6 December 2004
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