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Comment : Re: Is it OK or not OK?
Posted by Diane_M on Wed 10:16pm 24 November 2004

Annette - are you not getting any pain meds at all? I still have vicodin, but sometimes that isn't all that great (like right now!). I was standing up in the kitchen for 3 hours making pies (my fault - I should have taken a year off from my pie duties). My ankle (both sides) is now huge, my limp is more pronounced, and my oozy scab started bleeding!! Pies are in the oven and I'm now elevating.

I think you should go get your ankle looked at by another OS to make sure that you are aligned properly. The last thing you need is to heal out of whack and need to have it re-broken and re-set. Do you want to have to go through this all over again??

As for snow - no chance of it here. We hardly ever get any in Seattle. Every once in a blue moon we'll get a few inches, and about 8 years ago we got a foot and a half (that was cool). We do get icy, though, and I definitely don't want to try walking in that.

Take care and happy holidays!


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 Wed 10:16pm 24 November 2004
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