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Annette : OUCH!!
Diary entry posted Wed 5:20am 24 November 2004

I am so very sick of pain!! It turns out my pain tolerance is only for excruiating SHORT term pain. This all day every day for 100+ days is making me grumpy!

I think my Dr. might be a quack. I went to the hospital and got my ER and post-op X-rays yesterday. It looks to me like he didn't even fix it right. The medial malleolar bone that he drilled a giant screw through and into the tibia isn't even aligned, and now that I'm cast free with minimal swelling, I can feel the fracture line. It hurts to barely touch it, and I'm walking around on it! I started to be able to feel that FX line before my last appointment, but he just said, "X-rays look good, see you in 4 weeks." The usual blah, blah, blah. I wonder if he even looked at the x-rays.

Mostly I felt like venting. Everyone around me is sick of hearing about my ankle and listening to me holler "OW!" all the time. If the Dr. is a quack, at least he could give me something decent for the pain of it all, but N N O O O O O O! Treats me like a drug addict, which pisses me off.



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 Wed 5:20am 24 November 2004
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