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Comment : Re: PT is a trip
Posted by Annette on Fri 11:05am 19 November 2004

I only had to stand on the bad foot for evaluation, tipotes too without hands. The next day I used the parallel bars since my ankle is in such lousy shape. I used the bars for the board/ball excercise where you shift your weight from one side to the other, bending the knees! I was sitting in a chair for the other dancing bear excercises.

Do you do your home excercises on PT days? I did. The old ones and the new ones. Plus I walked everywhere without crutches-concentrating on heel/toe (blah blah blah)-even to the grocery store and other errands. The result of all that is that I can BARELY walk today. Go figure-it's the RIGHT leg, knee and hip that are killing me.

I'm so happy that I have 3 days off! It turns out the PT dude that I had was filling in for the one that I'm going to have :-( I liked the one I had. He didn't seem to mind listening to me complain. I complain with a smile and a joke, though. I went to this place because one of my bosses (not the idiot one) said there was a girl there that was REALLY good and gentle. I hope this Mitch guy isn't one of those sadistic slave drivers! I'll go somewhere else if he is!!

I think a nice hot bath is in order today. Nasty, rainy fall day that it is along with my sore all over bod!

Have a good one!


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 Fri 11:05am 19 November 2004
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