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Comment : Re: Re: Me Either!!!! p.s.
Posted by Annette on Wed 6:02am 17 November 2004

My stupid boot was too big (compliments of the sadistic ortho lady), so I don't think it was really doing a lot of good. The brace sure isn't much. It's about as supportive as weight lifters gloves, but it felt better than the boot immediately!

I have a pedometer-took 2000+ steps without the crutches. I use them for long distance walking-just to give me some pain relief along the way.

I found out that going UP stiars is easy, but going DOWN is painful (cause the tendons on the front of my ankle) OUCH!!

Still can't go back to work :(
The OS said, "We'll see how you do after PT." I start today and the script is for 7-8 weeks. My next OS appointment is December 14th. My employers won't let me go back to work until I'm 100%, so I'm probably going to be twiddling my thumbs all Winter! Bah Humbug!

Have a great day!


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 Wed 6:02am 17 November 2004
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