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Comment : Re: Re: Re: Re: What's Up??
Posted by Diane_M on Fri 9:07pm 12 November 2004

The answer to your question is sometimes. It took a few weeks to go from two crutches and PWB to one crutch and then to no crutches. Each step would hurt at first, but not an intolerable pain. Actually, my knee seemed to hurt worse than my ankle did.

What truly still hurts is the scar/scab on my skin over my distal tibia. That's where I had the necrosis and three months later... it still is not completely healed. The area is very tender, swells easily, and I have to make very sure that my boot doesn't rub on it (I use a lot of "padding).

My hardware sticks out pretty far on both sides of my ankle - I've read some of the shoe conversations, and I'll have to definitely make shoe arrangements once I can get rid of the boot. My next OS appt. is on the 22nd. I want to know if I can start PT then. I think I'm pretty much FWB now, but now I need to be able to bend my foot/ankle more. It bothers me that my skin isn't healed yet, but the nurse said that it will take time and that I need to be patient and not mess with it. Also, I still can't soak it, so no hot tub for me. It really stung in the shower this morning.

I'm thinking of you, your sweetie, your son, and your driving daughter! You have a lot going on in your life.

Take care, Diane

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 Fri 9:07pm 12 November 2004
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